Q: What happens if my movers are running late and I can't get in touch with anyone?

A:  If your movers happen to be running behind on time, chances are they are still working on a job that was scheduled before you. If you can't get into contact with anyone via phone call, send a txt message to 912-239-5033 or email customerservice@allstarmovingandlabor.com

Q: What Happens if I overbook my scheduled move, will I be charged the full price?

A: Absolutely not! Sometimes customers unknowingly overbook their move, not knowing any better that a job that can possibly take 1 hour, is scheduled for 4 hours. We at All-Star Moving, charge a minimum of 2 hours for our labor or full service options locally. Most of the time customers will find themselves booking a moving company that has a 4 hour minimum, or sometimes even more! We like to keep the overall costs low and affordable!

Q: Does your company dis-assemble furniture?

A: Yes we do, but please let us know ahead of time when  scheduling services! There are options available that  customers can select to choose furniture assembly/ dis-assembly! If we are conducting a full service move, we automatically bring tools as a standard, as should any other moving company.

Q: How do I prepare my appliances for moving?

A: Appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators must be disconnected, and the washer must have a stabilizer installed. If your washer does not have a stabilizer installed, please let the gentlemen know the day of the move! All local moving companies have business relationships with local service providers that handle this type of service. Be sure you know who your mover will be using as you will need to let these people into your home to provide the service.

Q: Do you guys travel outside of Savannah?

A: Absolutely!  The following only applies to "labor only services " .... Any areas outside of Savannah, we simply ask for fuel to be covered. Customers  normally do not have a problem with giving the guys an extra $25.00 for fuel, if either there are multiple pick ups or loading/ unloading outside of Savannah! Call for more specific details about areas we cover. For "Full Service" moving, a 1 hr service fee will be charged to pick ups outside the Savannah/Pooler area to cover for fuel/Mileage!

Q: What Happens if I need the guys longer than the time scheduled?

A: In the event that you may need more time for your move, if available the guys will stay the extended period to see that the job is complete. In certain situations however, if there was a job scheduled immediately after yours, we may have to either reschedule or finish later that day. Usually however, we are able to finish all jobs to completion or handle any other additional tasks. 

Q: Does your company rent out trucks?

A: Believe it or not, we often get this question! All-Star unfortunately do not rent trucks out. You can always visit U-haul, Penske, or Budget for truck rentals!